4 steps to be successful in business

A plan may be for your eyes only or for the inner circle or for you and the investor, but it needs at all times to be open to criticism and new ideas, This will ensure it is the best it can be.

Any plan, however good it sounds, needs to be tested thoroughly, taking into account all risks and the likelihood to wander from the original plan. Leave no risk, however difficult it sounds, to chance!

Markets, whether existing or new, are a complex beast subject to the impact of particularity. Only intelligence can fully understand the needs of a particular marketplace. Compare your results with other markets for super-intelligence.

Trustworthiness Reliability
When executing your open, truthful, intelligent, and tested plan, do so with a view to delivery to the customer "on time" & with "no hidden costs", leading to a [Name] in the [Marketplace] for someone who is reliable and can be trusted to deliver in the future.

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