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Small Business Australia brings together all small business entrepreneurs across Australia. It is not designed for the small business adviser but for the small business operator, the small investor, the initial entrepreneur. Of course many small business advisers are also small, so they are very welcome here.

We consider small business to best apply from formation to $5 million in turnover (under 50 employees). This network is based on the idea that other small businesses are not so much our competitors, but our "peers": We have similar objectives, similar concerns, and can often help each other, before we must bring in the experts. It makes sense for small business operators to promote each other and to use other small businesses as suppliers. Contracts that cannot be handled by one small business may be passed to one who can!


Our primary objectives are:

  • to bring together small business operators from all industries and professions across Australia (200 industry classifications over 18 broad industry divisions) to promote the sharing of information, ideas and practices between them, as peers;
  • to promote trade between members (SB2SB);
  • to promote cooperation between members in joint venture partnerships so that members are be able to take part in appropriate RFTs which at the moment they are unable to participate in because they are too small;
  • Secondary objectives include:
  • to promote understanding in the Australian society generally of small business and the important role it plays in industry and commerce, and
  • to provide links to organisations that genuinely seek to improve the position of small business at three levels of government in Australia.

What is Small?

No hard rules apply here, but generally ‘small’ business in Australia refers to businesses with annual turnover of up to $5 million. Micro-businesses (1-4 employees), small businesses (5-19 employees), or small-medium enterprise (under 50 employees) are welcome to join. Other applications will be assessed on merit.

Country Requirements

Australian businesses only need apply.

Business type?

Single operators, partners, company directors or company secretaries, joint venture partners, trustees of trusts set up to undertake commercial activity, are welcome.


We are interested in the operator, the owner, the decision maker, not the employee. The only employees who may apply are those seeking student internship/experience in small business in Australia and who wish to offer their internship to members.


Discussions between members should take place not as competitors or potential customers, but as ‘peers’. We operate in a world that is largely driven by big business and by governments with reasons to give priority to big business. Therefore it is in our interests for our members to do well out of any discussion. These could include hints/suggestions on products, services, techniques, methods and current best practice, etc. Non-members seeking to add to the discussion will be assessed sympathetically and on merit.

Products and Services

The group is not designed for small businesses who largely see themselves as product vendors for big business. Every member has a product or service to sell. But products and services discussed must be directly relevant to the trends, problems/solutions, discussion topics, threads, etc. being discussed, between peers. Links may be provided to external vendors but only in the context of a discussion that generally improves knowledge and understanding of members, which is not dependent upon the link to achieve. If you see the Discussion as simply a place to dump a free ad for a global product you will be breaking the general mission of the group. Failure to follow this requirement may result in a reclassification from ‘small business operator' to 'vendor for big business' and removal from membership.


Members may use the Promotions section to advertise their products and services. Members may also use Promotions to offer special deals to other members. There is a limit of one post per month in the Promotions area. Second posts in a month will be deleted and a user warning is issued and third posts in a month will result in banning of the user.

International Friends

From time to time small business operators located in another country may apply for membership. The only time such an operator will be considered for membership is if they are seeking to enter into a joint venture partnership with a small business player in Australia. Such an applicant will be accepted as a 'friend' provided they can demonstrate that they are offering a genuine joint venture opportunity. Membership may be reviewed after three months for International Friends to ensure that they still meet these rules.

Join with us

URL: http://www.smallbizau.com/

LinkedIn group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/small-business-australia-3527713/about

Twitter account https://twitter.com/SmallBizAU1


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