The Industry Classification

The Industry Classification used on the SmallBizAU website is the docDownload model which is based on the ANZSIC = Australian (and) New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (Codes). This has resulted in us adopting 200 industry codes, below:

[NOTE: To better understand which applies to you, you might like to start with Broad Industry Classifications]

Small Business Industry Codes

  • Exploration (coal, oil, gas, metallic, non-metallic) specialists


We have used the word "specialist" in this list purposefully. Most of these industries are dominated by (often one or two) main players, industry giants; big business. But small business has, and always has had, a serious role to play in each of these industries, providing specialists to advise big business, and often "taking up the slack", that is in providing items, products, information and advice in areas essential to the industry but which big business is not prepared to provide, because, in their orientation, "there is no money in it". Without small business, often these industries would be less viable.

Small Business Codes

We are providing this list of codes because over the years there has been little interest in understanding it by key players offering us classification codes for registering our businesses on the Internet. The 50 codes offered by most company listings are usually put together "off the top of my head" by techos setting up the list and usually result in most of us small business operators having to put our businesses in "Other".

So you might be providing a key industry product, but recognition of industry provision is often restricted to industry giants. You might also be providing other essential related products, services and/or services. But your essential provision is lost from view under "Other".

We therefore think it is important to get to know this list and understand to which of these classifications our "products, services and advice" actually applies.

There are also a lot of opportunity contained in this list for future development for small business operators.

See also Broad Industry Classifications to better understand this model.


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