Meeting Manager

Try it out by asking for a copy to be setup.

MeetingManager streamlines meetings for associations. Invite people and keep accurate records. The MeetingManager is designed for associations to help them comply with keeping accurate records during meetings.

The process is: 

  1. Invite people to your meeting. Meetings may be monthly board meetings, working group meetings, board sub-committees - anything for which formal records need to be kept. 
  2. People can submit agenda items prior to the meeting. There is a cut off period.
  3. During the meeting, minutes can be recorded against the agenda items. Minutes can be votable, tabling or for discussion. 
  4. Action Items can result from the agenda items. These can be marked as 'complete' - aiding further record keeping.
  5. The minutes of the meeting are displayed, able to be downloaded as pdf or a zip file and distributed to constituents as required.
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