Site Starter

A fully featured website that allows you to get publishing at the click of a button.


  • Article publisher.
  • Fully functioning website with contact form Web publishing system.
  • Professional theme with the possibility of adding your branding.
  • Tools to support a Search Engine friendly website.
  • User Guide.


  • Choose a slick responsive design option. Adapts to larger screens, tablets and mobile.

As part of the purchase process you can order a basic or premium custom design. This incorporates the specific objectives of the site into the design and allows the site to be set apart from others.

Ongoing Care

Websites need ongoing updates, publishing and watching. Interlated will update the site on a regular basis, provide publishing support, monitor your site and generally take an interested in how well it is performing.

Standard Features

Standard features are provided on all sites by default:

  • Search engine tools. XML/Site map.
  • Link checker.
  • In site search engine.
  • Contact us form and the capability to build simple custom forms.
  • Index builder.
  • 'Nice' urls.
  • Capable HTML editor.
  • File/media manager.
  • Standardised Analytics.
  • Social sharing, both share and follow.
  • Responsive design, allowing for some adaptation for tablet use.
  • Secured (https) login for administration and shop areas (a small additional charge will be incurred).

And a significant number of other features that one would expect with a premium website.

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